XPERT clothing
Hazardous jobs and environments

The Xpert range from Coverguard® is dedicated to hazardous jobs and environments. 

Most of our different lines cover multiple hazards, and comply with the most stringent standards. At the same time, they are versatile, protective and comfortable. Whether you are exposed to thermal, electrical, mechanical and/or chemical hazards, our high-quality products will keep you protected.

In order to allow you to work safely, Coverguard® Xpert offers certified products that have been approved by users.

You benefit from the high quality standards of Coverguard® while you work exposed to heat, flames, electrostatic charge, arc flashes, metal or chemical splatter etc., thanks to the appropriate engineered materials that are used to make the different layers (base, middle and outer). We also offer underwear, sets and suits. Exciting new products will soon supplement this range, which is so important for the DNA of our brand.

EN11612, EN11611, EN14116, EN 1149, IEC61482, EN13034: we are very familiar with these standards.

Safety and protection with Coverguard® XPERT !

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